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Do you think Russians could have turned out differently , or were they always destined to be like they are by their DNA? Can russia ever become a developed nation or are it's people simply too dumb and subhuman? 80235 В конец треда | Веб
Do you think Russians could have turned out differently , or were they always destined to be like they are by their DNA? Can russia ever become a developed nation or are it's people simply too dumb and subhuman?
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There are a lot of talented, smart, enterprising people in Russia. The problem is that society is now somehow falling back into the past. The government is largely to blame for this. It does not engage in the disclosure of human potential and does not encourage initiative. Mostly talented Russians are private entrepreneurs, scientists and artists. Many of them had to emigrate, and the government is doing everything to prevent them from returning.
I will quote some of Nevzorov's words about his visit to the large Hadron collider:
But I can tell you something else about this collider. Here Russophobia begins to form, because, sorry, the word "Russia" is associated with Milonov or Medinsky, or Poklonskaya — you will inevitably become a Russophobe. But there my Russophobia was dealt a severe blow: I saw many amazing, incredible Russian people, brilliant physicists, thanks to whom this collider lives in many ways. And I looked at what they are like when they break away from this terrible reality and how much they can do, and how great they can work!

And I understand that, of course, Russia could be the richest, happiest and most cheerful country in the world, if it gave up all the insanity to which it constantly sacrifices itself: from this power ... because we understand that power always stinks of the pus of bedsores of old women who are forced to die in the corridors of rotten hospitals. We understand that the state reeks of street toilets next to schools, which no one will rebuild, because the money is needed for rusty bombs and for the state.… But if this refusal happens, then, of course, the country will probably not be happier.
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*But if this refusal happens, then, of course, there will be no country happier.
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> society is now somehow falling back into the past

What past do you refer to? In the past Russia was the USSR. And it's not like we are more and more communist each day, right? So, the society is moving away from stinky sovok towards Beautiful Russia of the Future.

> I will quote some of Nevzorov's words

I don't see how he is better than Milonov. They're the same to me. Poklonskaya was ridiculed for what turned out to be not what she believes (the myrrh-streaming bust), at the same time Nevzorov believes smoking is preventive measures from coronavirus and propagates it as such and nobody ridiculed him for that. Well, he isn't as interesting as Poklonskaya that's for sure.

Better don't prove us genetically dumb by seriously answering to such obvious provocations as in the original post. Why wouldn't you create an eugenics-free thread if you want to bring up problems of Russia with statistics and such? (And please explain more if you do because I didn't understand some parts of it, like prevented from returning migrants. And "this terrible reality" and "rusty bombs" are just figures of speech for agitation and not quite persuasive ones.)
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>What past do you refer to?

Times of serfdom


Also sort of serfdom, but more advanced. Russia reached the highest peak of development in the late 90s and is now losing all these achievements
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>>235 (OP)
If you want to see russians who turned out differently look at Finland. Those are their ugrofinnic brothers liberated from moscow opression.
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>>235 (OP)
What does "developed" means? Think about it. Does it mean, we should be closer to you, to accept your values? Or to be rich and economically developed?
If the first, than no. You are a bunch of degenerates, who ignore the objective reality. Pic related. This is a norwegian politician, but there no difference between you and norwegians, except formal and political. You have the same culture and people.
If the second, maybe. We have our own problems. Does it makes us undeveloped? Bitch, we are still the worlds best programmers (according to international coding olympiad competitions), we are making 5th generation air fighters (interceptors), which China can't do. What can you make? Some cheap furniture? Fuck off with this crap, snownigger.

You don't have a single right to call us undeveloped, dumb subhumans. Your people lack talent, your culture is degrading and you are not able to survive on your own without alliances. You are inferior to us.
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And yeah, Im russian living in Russia. Have no idea, why the icon is US.
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>>235 (OP)
Russians were such a developed nation before the revolution. After Stalin came, he began to humiliate such people. Now Putin is in power, and creates such conditions that every smart and talented Russian increasingly wants to leave Russia.

And I advise you, subhuman, to shut your mouth. Kill yourself!
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I'd like an angel like this white-haired beauty to laugh at me. Sucking a hundred of penises of all shapes would be worth it.
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>>235 (OP)
Russians who have become a developed nation are now known as finns, also estonians and ukrainians are on their way.
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>Russians were such a developed nation before the revolution

If they were a developed nation and lived happily the revolution would not happened. They probably lived even worse before the revolution and were even less developed.
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>>235 (OP)


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>>235 (OP)
Since we are part of animal kingdome, the most successfull race is based on how much territory it got, since more territory the more chance of survival. When i look at the map, the most successfull race are russians. All nations goal is to have landmass as much as possible. And russians are most successfull. In nature and reality, thats the only thing that matters. But in "fantasy" world like, the matrix for example, the most successfull is the one which got most "numbers" in his account. Which is rather an illusion.
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>Russia could be the richest

russia is the richest country. more land=more resources=more wealth. thats the reason germany attack russia, because of resources. all the "race" hate is just brainwashing technique to make the soldiers willing to fight.
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At the moment, this wealth is very unevenly distributed. Not as uneven as in the US, more like in Uganda. Russia is the 5th country in the world by the number of billionaires with a modal salary of $294(median: $454)
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