15859590369960.webm1,7 Мб, webm,
1280x720, 0:14
2 67220
2439a61acd6f1a6eee318dd392e12b88.webm1,4 Мб, webm,
480x360, 0:14
3 67228
LDPR.mp41,3 Мб, mp4,
480x480, 0:27
EPIC 4 67231
albania.webm2,3 Мб, webm,
480x848, 0:28
Albania 5 67232
9 67241
15924087712192[1].mp42,4 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 0:30
10 67271
Does anyone have all the bafometi videos?
ANTIFAvsBLM.webm3 Мб, webm,
640x360, 0:35
11 67276
lol niggas beat antifanten
15924962793361[1].webm3 Мб, webm,
264x470, 0:28
12 67285
licking.webm2,8 Мб, webm,
480x480, 1:35
13 67310
15908894763420.mp44,4 Мб, mp4,
648x360, 0:17
14 67317
suslik.webm1,2 Мб, webm,
640x640, 0:10
15 67334
1587794253871.webm1,4 Мб, webm,
720x720, 0:15
16 67367
kanackenSS.webm1,9 Мб, webm,
1280x720, 0:36
18 67385
1058860506119774130069343631611214740617313n.mp43,3 Мб, mp4,
640x640, 0:57
19 67426
21 67438
Who's this girl?
22 67443
23 67451
Что происходит?
degenerateart.mp419,7 Мб, mp4,
768x432, 2:42
24 67457
pizdets as usual
сильная личность.mp4683 Кб, mp4,
320x240, 0:24
25 67491
Лучше делитесь друг с другом добром и любовью. Смотреть про негров уже невозможно, поменяйте направление, радуйтесь музыкой, котиками... Ну, думаю и так всем всё понятно.
26 67492

> good and love

> drug propaganda from pro-putin blabber

thanks, but no thanks.
27 67563
>>67218 (OP)
The third one looks like a top-down shmup.
28 67716
Позволь узнать - кто этот мыслитель?
2020-07-09-20-50-514.jpg25 Кб, 640x220
29 67717

> speaks subhuman

> falls for dupin's tricks

are you retarded or something?
Alhamdullilah.webm9,7 Мб, webm,
1280x720, 0:36
30 67736
Ghuraba.webm8,6 Мб, webm,
1280x720, 0:32
31 67737
stoya.mp47,4 Мб, mp4,
1280x612, 0:20
32 67759
Sauce for the song? Sorry for being a newfag.
33 67760


34 67764
35 67785
What is "kape"? Looks somewhat similar to "Cape" as in "Capetown".
36 67786
it's "cape" like in "capeshit"
37 67787
also what's he saying? "она любит пить гудрон"?
38 67799
Наркотики она любит кароче.
culturalmarxism.mp410,7 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:34
39 67917
AlwanAlTaifNasheed.mp411,4 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:11
40 68027
LenfantNasheed.mp415,9 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 4:01
41 68032
42 68035
salilsawarim nasheedool uba wadarbul kitali tarikhul hayaaa fa bainuk tahim janibul sadaaa
43 68049
You will never make your culture international with this kind of crap. It is worse than polish pop-music. Damn, it is even worse than turkish rock'n'roll.
15875557656210.mp417,5 Мб, mp4,
960x540, 1:28
44 68107
15929487282801.mp45,7 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:45
45 68108
y2mate.com - Dipsea StepsHrbBI8FJL341080p.mp436,3 Мб, mp4,
1080x1080, 8:02
48 68364
Scotch Snaps in Hip Hop.mp427,3 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 8:11
50 68534
So ugly is the french that not only does it make hiphop ugly, but also nasheeds turn into naushits in it.
blmmoment.webm1,5 Мб, webm,
1280x720, 0:06
52 68545
videoplayback-2.mp411,9 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 3:20
53 68670
15545712355540.webm9,4 Мб, webm,
568x320, 1:52
54 68671
57 68684
Why is this language so gay? Is it because they pensez of penisez that they have to stick their lips forward like monkeys do? As in "The Science of Sleep" Stephane says: “I cannot speak French because whenever I speak I feel that my moustache grows more than when I speak Spanish”
Only girls should ever speak or sing it not because we all love girls with moustache so much, but because they manage not to stick their lips in that baboon manner
аннунакам слава.mp44,5 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 1:20
58 68687
Is it the same hill? Otherwise why would I think it'd be this masterpiece?
Anonymous 60 68706
Agree, lol!
PussycatDoll.webm10,4 Мб, webm,
480x480, 1:19
61 68709
Хаски - Детка-Голливуд11.mp410,5 Мб, mp4,
1280x534, 2:22
62 68714
Soundtrack.mp44,8 Мб, mp4,
1080x1080, 4:01
63 68715
deerlicky.mp4404 Кб, mp4,
480x480, 0:08
65 69063
Caliphate.mp43,1 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:53
66 69094
67 69095
chyo suka chyo suka
68 69096
69 69097
there's no god
and that's a proof that there's no god

listen to some good music for a change
y2mate.com - АНСАМБЛЬ ХРИСТА СПАСИТЕЛЯ И МАТЬ СЫРА ЗЕМЛЯ - [...].mp41,3 Мб, mp4,
854x480, 0:36
70 69098
71 69099

16005456347900.mp41,3 Мб, mp4,
270x360, 0:12
72 69200
King Sunny Ade & His African Beats in Japan - Ma Jaiye Oni [...].mp439,1 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 8:48
73 69231
abu commie.mp42,9 Мб, mp4,
672x376, 0:20
74 69236
this is communist board
75 69240
This board is USA under Obama

> я за то чтобы благосостояние было распределено между нагодом мы поняли

76 69243
>>67218 (OP)
Who's that Metro 2033 clip from? Are they worth watching? I'm learning Russian and hoping to watch Russian youtubers among other Russian media eventually.
77 69244

>hoping to watch Russian youtubers

what's stopping you
78 69247
chances are he doesn't know any
I thought I knew one, but bald and bankrupt broadcasts in english
Here's a video in russian I recently saw, hope it helps:
79 69251

>what's stopping you

I don't know enough Russian to understand much yet, so I was going to subscribe to them and save it for later.

>chances are he doesn't know any

I know QuattroAce, but he doesn't talk much and only plays Tarkov.
Joan Rivers On A Donald Trump Presidency And Insulting Ever[...].mp436,4 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:55
80 69258

>And yes, Joan Rivers was murdered by the Obamas via deep state via Illuminati...clearly!

16008600923160.webm9,6 Мб, webm,
800x450, 1:11
81 69260
16008656991932.webm3,8 Мб, webm,
480x854, 0:31
82 69261
83 69298

> 15921553153790.mp4

This is a parody, right? I can't imagine it to be a real event with hundreds of people listening to all these extremely important issues. Who are these marshals the last person talks about? He says one should report about people who try to contact the police to the marshals. Did I get it right that it is an illegal sect with gullable people being taken advantage of? What will they do to a person who seeks help from the police?
84 69303
They will probably excommunicate them. Yes, communism is a new abrahamic religion. And no, this is not a parody.
85 69305

Communism is new age
86 69308
Are both shabbateanism? Are francmasons frankists? Is capital G referring to that Gangsta and Gmail logo to the apron?
Атя тя тя т я.mp41,3 Мб, mp4,
1240x768, 0:19
87 69311
15784200331440.jpg47 Кб, 604x453
88 69312
89 69381
Can someone post the heyyyyy malishka one with the blue haired girl?
THSA Die Abrechnung.webm9,7 Мб, webm,
480x360, 3:03
90 69396
16015809917030.webm5,1 Мб, webm,
496x778, 0:13
91 69470
15902957796960.mp4316 Кб, mp4,
400x496, 0:11
92 69587
Les Rita Mitsouko - Le Petit Train (Clip Officiel).webm39,9 Мб, webm,
93 69614
16021839256830.mp41,1 Мб, mp4,
384x480, 0:08
95 69655
Barnes & Barnes  Pizza Face.mp48 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 2:39
96 69670
Investigate pizzagate.
(this video is here, but avoid watching it, for it can be harmful, it's some mk-ultra level crap, some project monarch tier shit)
uiU9IdV82I1p-pPd.mp4911 Кб, mp4,
568x798, 0:10
98 69705
99 69714
More tits epta
101 69734

Шрек охуенный
Video.Guru20201013211825350.mp410,4 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:24
103 69766
105 69985

16034662209130.mp43,1 Мб, mp4,
720x900, 0:06
106 69986
16035038300851.webm2,6 Мб, webm,
1600x1000, 2:06
107 69987
1796052413747243091374724309455.png432 Кб, 833x745
109 69990
Now this is what people call subhuman.
16035721123570.mp4612 Кб, mp4,
240x240, 0:11
111 70005

Заткни пасть, уебище
Угощайся уебище и угости свою маму-папу .jpg44 Кб, 401x400
112 70006

Bon appetite
113 70010

> уебище

> сказала чудила с таким ослиным ебальником

обезьяна сын осла
a man living in a glass-house shouldn't be throwing stones.
114 70021


твои вебмки кал, иди нахуй
115 70022
Если кого обозвал, не обижайтесь, не хотел
116 70025
конечно кал, долбоёб, если не можешь в ингриш, хули ты в этом разделе вообще забыло, животное?
Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose.mp431,1 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 6:21
117 70048
121 70616
true russian man mongoloid
image.png243 Кб, 350x350
122 70617
d1b0c380ebb2ad232a39b6020442f8f8-videomp4.mp42,9 Мб, mp4,
1278x720, 0:48
123 70685
125 70782
whats the name of teh song in 3rd?
127 70798

> what fun is there in ever making sense

some version of this one: Awkward Marina – Entropy
129 70895
What's going on here? Story?
130 70900
it looks nice
So, what you are saying is ...mp413,6 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 1:52
132 70955
15580332100830.mp416,9 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 3:44
133 71156
134 71167
illuminati are schizos
136 71177
but i met many illuminatis they are all very crazy believe in shitty unrealistic ideology. they think some invisible rebel angel called lucifer will save them when they do degenerate stuff to mankind.
137 71188
That's sick, because Lucifer is Jesus, and he's a good guy.
⚠️Warning- this song contains hazardous rhythms.mp419,8 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 4:40
138 71189
139 71194
yeah jesus was a kike, i believe only in Y.H.W.H
140 71226

> I only believe in Yudies Halt Whities Hail

1.JPG102 Кб, 584x698
141 71230
I dont worship jews.
142 71232
Jah klaar
Yossi Gurvitz- When Israel Is Mighty.mp432,7 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 12:19
144 71276
1606073325316.jpg40 Кб, 480x600
145 71279
lol what a retard. the tanakh is only 1% of torah.
146 71282
you'd know that, kike
147 71283

> tanakh is only 1% of torah

Why are jews so deceitful?
Tanakh (/tɑːˈnɑːx/;[1] תָּנָ״ךְ‎, pronounced [taˈnaχ] or [təˈnax]; also Tenakh, Tenak, Tanach), or sometimes the Miqra (מִקְרָא), is the canonical collection of Hebrew scriptures, including the Torah.
148 71291
Name of third girl???
149 71294
well hes a jew and doesnt know about his religion. iam russian(very smart), you can ask me about other religions too, we are simply very educated people in all fields, thats why you live in small churkastan and never develop anything of interest.
You are just retarded. Their are 2torahs, its even says in the bible "moses i give you the torahs" in plural, which means 2. the written tanakh and oral torah, which is given from mouth to mouth from rabbi to his sons in secret you can not understand the bible without oral torah. Talmud is "oral torah" written down in codes only accassable for jews(not all jews tho). i think they dont want nonjews to learn real truth otherwise the nonjew will be killed by angels.

Its similar system to muslims qaran and hadith(sayings of mohomod) arapes they copy torah but dont know the oral law. for example they have "cut your foreskin" because allah said so, but it never explains to them why they do it, the spirituallity behind it. they have many things which says "just believe" or "just do it" dont ask qeustions. haha
hitlerwasntputz.mp4876 Кб, mp4,
512x288, 0:18
150 71301
god gave oral
thorah to moses
but other rabbies
wrote it down
centuries after moses
maybe even millenia!
legendary jewish intellect
at work, duh
151 71302

>god gave oral

He gave it alright. Bud did he give anal?
Yuki Installs Gentoo.mp47,5 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 2:21
152 71303
Yes, but it was yours.
153 71304
154 71312
in this tiktok she was prettier
Dont Stare! 21 Eye Contact Rules For Men (Attraction, Non-A[...].mp426,7 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 8:34
155 71463
156 71464
>>67218 (OP)
сурс второго
16075447939970.webm8 Мб, webm,
532x298, 3:25
158 71618
160 71678
161 71683
Fucking loser sitting two weeks in a hotel like a lunatic not talking to any person. PAthetic)
162 71726
WOW! The Talking Drums of Nigeria !!.mp413,8 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:35
163 71727
>>67218 (OP)
Can somebody please translate or just transliterate it for me?
payday.webm17,4 Мб, webm,
554x416, 1:39
164 71734
Так будет со всеми! Головомор.mp416,8 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:59
165 71735
Oh Great Head, give me money!
strelka.mp41,8 Мб, mp4,
400x224, 0:53
166 71736
15956288692212.mp47,8 Мб, mp4,
540x960, 0:58
167 71737
Trevor Noah makes fun of the Russian accent.mp416,6 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 2:43
168 71740



Не устаю проигрывать с того, что музон на видос про любовь к негру стал "гимном" сорт-оф-нациков.
0.mp49,5 Мб, mp4,
1920x1080, 1:19
169 71741
00.mp48,7 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 1:27
170 71742
171 71760
you could upload those three in just one message (so we don't hit the bump-limit before we must) unless you live in he woods and your connection is slow (because captcha can rot before you finish)
голова3.webm1,8 Мб, webm,
320x240, 0:20
sage 172 71768
Kochka.mp4315 Кб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:01
173 72100
Tolyan.mp416 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 1:20
174 72101
Pomfy.mp414,4 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:58
175 72104
KoroneInugami.mp422,6 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 2:20
176 72105
177 72190
Голова, дай денег
15505935829571.webm4,5 Мб, webm,
640x360, 0:54
179 72201
180 72220
What is ika boka.
And what is it - voice morpher or neural network?
16096947929450.webm17,2 Мб, webm,
1120x472, 2:32
183 72588
184 72589

Превью поганое, а так фильм четкий
16097951798130.mp419,8 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 9:10
185 72621
16105006863950.mp41,7 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:06
187 73136
291839248.mp418,4 Мб, mp4,
640x428, 3:01
188 73164
Исповедь биохимика о фармацевтике..mp46,8 Мб, mp4,
528x720, 2:21
189 73171
190 73389
I feel proud for our mongoloid brother
191 73392

>1st webm

Sounds like some old soviet electronic music
193 73728
How does the first song calls?
мне здесь хорошо.gif4,6 Мб, 406x720
194 73729
sup bydlo westerners
KO.mp47,9 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:45
195 73862
OP.mp420,9 Мб, mp4,
854x480, 2:25
196 73863
Hitler and Stalin having a great time.mp45,8 Мб, mp4,
1280x692, 1:44
197 73872
16066397994701.mp41,9 Мб, mp4,
800x440, 0:29
198 73873
16115729988960.mp4861 Кб, mp4,
854x556, 0:07
200 74041
78f257528b3c168d5edf407cd741ff7879bacea9.mp41,6 Мб, mp4,
360x640, 0:14
201 74046
16094001431580.mp41,4 Мб, mp4,
528x660, 0:14
202 74047
речь патриарха Кирилла.webm9 Мб, webm,
640x360, 2:32
204 74142
Basement Jaxx - Raindrops ( Official Video 2009 ) Scars.mp417,4 Мб, mp4,
640x480, 3:27
206 74187
209 74400

Да ты лжец
16125202158743.mp4693 Кб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:06
210 74401
Kama.mp43,3 Мб, mp4,
404x720, 0:45
211 74402
очень лёгкий минус.mp4330 Кб, mp4,
256x144, 0:20
214 74797
Oh shit Nigger, what are you doing! .mp4482 Кб, mp4,
1280x720, 0:12
216 77336
217 77413
Fucking disgusting. That pooting's mug, it's to that oily arrogant smug you are ready to suck a wagner to.
218 77418

> VANITY & ATTRAC[...].mp4

He has a point, but that's because he is about twenty-five. Ten years later, imagine a topless middle-aged man with anime posters in the background talking the same silly neo-Nazi shit with squishy toys.
The best role model would be Vladimir Putin. He spends about an hour and a half doing sport every day. He swims, plays hockey, spends time in gym, and at the same time even those, who don't like him for whatever reason, can't say he is not an educated and highly intelligent person.
That's a man who doesn't scroll Twitter, Instagram or YouTube - he doesn't have a smartphone. He doesn't play computer games either. That's what I call having good priorities. Education, time with grandchildren, being fit, and love for the country! You can both build your brain and your muscles, no need to choose only one of them.
That's a wonderful building. I heard so much whining and squealing about it that I also thought that maybe it was a bad idea to build a giant church (I'm an atheist, so it's very easy to make me think that), but now when I see it I can't help but be fascinated, I went to the YouTube channel of the ministry and watched it in high quality.
219 77425

Изрыгнул, лучше стало?
пукин резидент ира.mp41,4 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 0:17
220 77436

> Ten years later,

he will not try to look like a 25 years old.

>silly neo-Nazi shit

not as silly as you are.

>Putin. He spends about an hour and a half doing sport every day. He swims, plays hockey, spends time in gym

So he doesn't do anything useful. And he still looks like old stale shit.

>and at the same time even those, who don't like him for whatever reason, can't say he is not an educated and highly intelligent person.

I consider him a retard brainwashed by soviet propaganda. fuck him yourself.

> and love for the country!

His country is dead, and thus he is not only a pedophile, but also a coprophile.
221 77438
Like a mosquito can't hurt an elephant, your words can't hurt him or me, or any Russian. There are media bad-mouthing him day and night for a decade, but it doesn't discourage him even a bit from doing his job for the good of the people. That's because Vladimir Putin cares about more important things than his image. So, someone calling him Pukin or Pootin on an imageboard doesn't worth wasting a breath to respond.
Damn Soviets and attractive neo-Nazis, huh? I guess that preserving historical memory of the Soviet Union is what Vladimir Putin could do better, yet some people in power are clearly somewhat scary of communists, so they prevented that, and we have what we have as a result. People condemning the Soviet Union and admiring Nazis is the fault of our education system. By the way, this fascinating church is a great step to fix this mess.
222 77441

>him or me, or any Russian

But of us three only I am the true russian. He is udmurt, You're a pidorashque.

>There are media bad-mouthing him day and night for a decade, but it doesn't discourage him even a bit

Do you capcha from a parallel reality? In my reality that faggot usurped all the media, not a single tv channel or newspaper in Russia is allowed to criticize that fragile piece of shit.

> his job for the good of the people.

of (((the people)))?

> preserving historical memory of the Soviet Union is what Vladimir Putin could do better,

Do you like some kafkian horrors or are you just a coprophile?
223 77457

> ((( )))

> But of us three only I am the true russian. He is udmurt, You're a pidorashque.

You are a disgrace, little basement neo-Nazi who loathes his country. Call Russians whatever you want, your words can't hurt us, but they show who you are.

> not a single tv channel or newspaper in Russia is allowed to criticize that fragile piece of shit

You clearly don't watch TV and don't read newspapers. Maybe you should try to watch and read them first. What you watch is Catboykami and probably Volnov. By the way, there is nothing fragile in Vladimir Putin. He is a titan among humans.

> couldn't buy Nike

> kafkian horrors

I have more powerful arguments for you. They had no mobile phones. Let alone the Internet. It must have been a nightmare to live in the Soviet Union.
224 77461

>You clearly don't watch TV

otherwise I would be such a zombified retard like you.
My parents watch it and I never saw a criticism of putin there.
Except only one event: Maltsev during election. And it was always a propaganda (first he mentions that nationalists against puting, then he stumbles as if he doesn't know what he's saying and so on. That guy is one of founders of Ebinaya Rossia Party.
So I challenge you to bring here a russian tv-host criticizing putin.
225 77462
No, thanks. Next time you'll ask me to prove water boils when it's 100C. This one won't feed you with a spoon. If you choose to be ignorant and blubber nonsense, so be it. It's not particular TV hosts. It's TV channels, radio stations, news outlets who claim to be liberal and independent. Ones you'd enjoy to consume, but I guess the wide and nice naked chest of this cute young neo-Nazi with a fancy accent is much more entertaining to you, or maybe you prefer Volnov's shaggy beard.
Vangelis Real Time Performance of Symphonic Orchestra.mp425,7 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 5:37
226 77510
228 77512
hello, coprophile now fuck off to whatever shithole you got out of
229 77513
A person posts insults. Probably, they didn't like my post, but they are unable to explain why, so they express only their hatred towards me -- towards this anonymous visitor and total stranger -- through nonsensical ineffective insults. It's their loss, it must be hard to live like that.
16136871595010.mp411,3 Мб, mp4,
640x352, 1:27
230 77533

> A person posts insults. Probably, they didn't like me enjoying the coprophilia. It's their loss.

sure, pidorashque. enjoy yourself. but please not here. Especially if your shit is in russian.
Here, take this high-quality shit and get lost.
231 77538
Calm down, silly self-loathing boy. I'm not going anywhere. I'll hide any other posts like that in the future without answering.
Hooverphonic - Sometimes.mp418,8 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 3:53
232 78248

>self-loathing boy

Pidorashque lack of logic in action:
You don't like me? What am I? I am russian! You don't like all russians! But you're also russian! You hate yourself! Hahaha!
233 78257
You are attacking a random poster and use a slur based on their citizenship, russophobic slur. So, yes, you are self-loathing. It doesn't mean you hate yourself, it means you hate the group you belong to.
y2mate.com - The Beatles Blue Jay Wayv720P.mp413,3 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 3:59
234 78258
Russia is to be dismantled. So it's not self-hate, but disgust towards our moscovite opressors and their putrid lackeys.
235 78350
Ля, какой симулянт — его по зимней куртке один раз демократизатором хлопнули, а он изображает для своих зрителей избиение. При том, что на другом видео видно, что мент после шлепка ушёл.
Таких актёров да в российское кино — Бэду тогда и обозревать нечего будет
изображение.png116 Кб, 225x225
236 78400
изображение.png1,3 Мб, 2650x924
239 78431
240 78618

>fourth webm


MKULTRA was headed by JEW and the CIA is a zionist organization and Kennedy was assassinated for attempting to get the Dimona nuclear plants in Israel shut down. This is the dumbest fucking thing ever. Russia is run by a Jewish prime minister, so is Ukraine, so is USA with the Jewish Husband of Kamala Harris and the Jewish Children of biden. IT'S THE FUCKING JEWS YOU STUPID FUCKING CHERNOBYL NIGGER
241 78619

>Jewish Husband

Jews have matriarchat. Mother of this man made a great mistake allowing him to marry goy-girl. Also his kids will be goyrim.
242 78620

243 78621
Good for him. Whаt has it to do with Kamala's husband being bad jew and outcast?
244 78629
Any proofs or are ye gonna continue shittin' ya pants as ye always do?
245 78636
Why don't you faggots do it in some special thread, for example: https://2ch.hk/int/res/70075.html (М)
247 78641
this guy took to many redpills.
248 78642
>>67218 (OP)
249 78667
250 78668
251 78673
russians make the best webms
252 78708
Fuck off nigg
1616077886796.mp44,5 Мб, mp4,
688x1280, 0:13
260 79068
Russian cuckold
262 79163
My favourite webm
Saint Skoptsy Brenton Tarrant 2.jpg233 Кб, 903x903
263 79254
Angry Scottish man vs Sheep.mp43,1 Мб, mp4,
480x480, 0:48
264 79406
16158925302960.jpg37 Кб, 324x696
266 79551
267 79555
What movie is this from?
268 79569
Bespredel (1989)
10554467338772.webm.mp420,8 Мб, mp4,
1280x536, 1:38
269 79932
Youjo Senki AMV [ぼくたちのいるところ。 – 産まれてきたのが].mp437,6 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 2:24
272 79962
Азбука+-+Alphabet.mp430,9 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 3:32
273 80062
274 80066
Sobchak explained Joker is Socialist.
275 80170

Take pills
276 80172
Suck dicks
277 80177

I am not you mom
278 80202

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